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Fire happens fast. When dealing with fire, every second matters. So when its dark or the area is filled with smoke, it is not always easy to remember where exactly the fire blanket is placed. Specially if you are not the one who have placed it there. 

High visibility Fire Blankets are a perfect solution in such situations. Due to their uniquely bright and glowing colour, they are very easy to spot. 

fire blanket how to use
what is fire blanket used for

What is a"Fire Blanket"?

A Fire Blanket is a highly flame-resistant blanket that can be used to either extinguish a small fire or to wrap around a person to protect them.

what is fire blanket

How does a"Fire Blanket" work?

They work by cutting off the oxygen supply (oxygen is one of the three elements that a fire needs to burn) and smothering the fire.

Supa Ant Fire Blankets are the highest temperature tolerance fire blankets in the market. 

blanket temperature limit test.JPG
how does fire blanket work

What is the life span of a fire blanket?

It is recommended that consideration should be given to the replacement of fire blankets after seven years from the date of commissioning

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