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39in 1Pack for 45.95 USD            39in 2Pack for 59.99 USD

39in 4Pack for 80.00 USD            47in 1Pack for 49.95 USD

47in 2Pack for 63.95 USD            47in 4Pack for 85.00 USD

           47in 5Pack for 90.00 USD            59in 1Pack for 56.65 USD                       71in 1Pack for 58.95 USD           74in 1-Pack for 60.00 USD                

Supa Ant's Eco - Friendly Fire Blanket is made of flame - retardant material with two non - flammable straps that are placed inside a high visibility pouch. The blanket has temperature tolerance of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit!


HIGHEST TEMPERATURE TOLERANCE IN THE MARKET (1500F), SUITABLE TO USE FOR MOST FIRES: To tackle small fire such as kitchen (e.g. grease, oil), office, car, camping, grill, school and/or when an item of clothing is on fire or as a cover for body to shield from heat.


CE STANDARD: Highest flame retardant material quality in the market: 0.5mm thick (as oppose to average 0.3mm) with high quality 500GSM fabric (as oppose to average 430GSM) for increased retardance revel and temperature tolerance.


SUSTAINABLE: The only Eco-Friendly Fire blanket in the market and Fluorescent orange color to ensure Greater visibility in dark and/or smoke.


EASY TO USE & REUSABLE: Simply pull down the fire blanket, spread the blanket wide and slowly throw the blanket to cover the fire. Let the blanket suffocate the fire and allow it to cool down. Then (unless it is damaged) refold into the orange bag ready for the next time. IF the blanket is damaged, drop us a message and we will arrange a free replacement for you.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Supa Ant takes pride in delivering quality product with lifetime warrantee and excellent 24/7 UK & US based customer service. Love it or your money back! no questions asked!


Supa Ant's factory uses the latest frequency conversion energy - saving sewing machines, solar lights, and solar power so we have the minimum possible carbon footprint in our supply chain in the market

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